This section contains all manner of subjects and indeed media. Drawings, timelines, studies, individual subjects and lots more. Where possible these will be collaborative efforts with enthusiasts and experts in the specific fields of interest and all resulting work will be featured here.

Also included will be the fruits of research on the books, as much of what we would like to include in them cannot be incorporated due to space and other constraints.


The Briouze Panther

An exciting investigation into the history of the Panther A currently being restored at The Wheatcroft collection.

Panther Tactical/Marking Symbols Project

Christiaan Ankerstjerne over at is taking on a project to produce high-resolution vector based drawings of German Tactical symbols. To help out we are putting our own research online, together with Panther unit markings and camo schemes. Check the project out on Facebook.


Various items which lend themselves to animation: flow diagrams, vehicle modification timeline, firing circuits etc

Panzerbasics Website

Rob Veenedaals excellent technical resource on the Tiger tank. Including drawings, images, investigations and a host of other information.

Tiger 181 Website

This site is dedicated to the memory of Thadeusch Vogl, who dedicated many years to its construction. His efforts are reflected in the many new Tiger and Panther illustrations found here, produced over decades of painstaking research and attention to detail. He will be sadly missed but his life's work will remain available here as a resource to all.