With the release of images from Vincent Lecourt from his grandfathers collection and confirmation by Kent Wiik of 158134 as the Briouze Panther, the Wheatcroft Collection wish to extend their gratitude to the community for advancing the knowledge of the vehicle currently being restored. As one only +/-50 Demag Panthers, the odds on finding wartime images of this vehicle were long in the extreme.

We would like to thank Vincent Lecourt, Alexis Boban, Fred Blaise, Frédéric Deprun and Pierre-Olivier Buan for their invaluable help in interviews, research and ongoing enthusiasm for the project.

Please visit Pierre-Oliviers excellent site detailing surviving Panzers. 

Update as of 19.07.2015

We are in the process of narrowing down the timeline of the vehicle, its personnel, and hopefully its location(s) within Briouze after its disablement. To this end Frédéric Depruns excellent knowledge of the Normandy campaign has revealed the following:

"This Panther belonged to stab./Pz-Rgt.3 number I02 was renumbered 231 and assigned to 2.Kompanie before the Mortain battle (2.Panzer-Division) Kompanie - and was commanded by Offizer Leutnant Strobl or Leutnant Spannocchi after the death of Hauptman Kleine.  I have several stories that speak about the Adjutant nicknamed "Die Schreiben", (Name unknown),  probably the reason why this Panther features a personal marking"


Interviews with surviving witnesses have placed the tank in Chemin du vieux Moulin, the exact site of which is now under a supermarket and car park. However there appears to be a good chance that after being disabled, the tank had two different locations within the town. 


Any help or information in this regard that will fill in the gaps in our knowledge would be gratefully received. info@theresearchsquad.com