Excerpt from build article in Model Military International Issue 45 Jan 2010

"It was recently pointed out to me that ordinary model building does not interest me – I realised this was quite true – building every variant of say, the Pzkfw IV would bore me to tears – I tend to build projects. Not only do I have to mentally ‘see’ the item in a virtual diorama to be inspired, but I am particularly drawn to the more unusually shaped vehicles. With this in mind I recently received a sample from Cammetts of their new resin turret update for the E100 – and it’s a stunner. As soon as I saw it I pictured a vast canvas of armour in a post 1945 setting that I could paint as I wished. As the Dragon kit comes as an IR variant I decided that a night fighting camo scheme would be the goal. As the eventual finish would also be dictated by its fighting environment, I settled on an urban theme - destroyed city, vehicle in hardened bunker during the day and coming out at dusk to fight.

Designing the camo scheme

I started to research night fighting camo schemes and was surprised to see that there were German schemes -  these were used in WW1 on planes and consisted of 3 and 5 five colour random lozenge patterns. I found that Orion Miniatures produce 1/72 decals for this and I realised that with a variation in scale, they could be perfectly adapted for my purposes. I immediately knew that this would require a custom vinyl mask as there was no way a pattern of this complexity could be done with normal methods, or painted by hand. Naturally being drawn to the most difficult path (5 colour), I contacted Chris Healey and Derry Fitzgerald at Orion and explained what I intended to do. They wished me luck and kindly sent me a huge photo of a bolt of the original aircraft cloth which still exists in a museum. It then started to dawn just how huge a task lay ahead....."


The full build article can be downloaded here. Below are two galleries, the first is the build and the second is the finished model.

If you wish to replicate the camo scheme you can download the EPS file I created for a laser cutter here 

You will also need the colouring mask plans for each of the five colours - download here