AFVModeller Sept/Oct 2016 - Dave Parker

This serious well researched in depth study of the famous 'Aberdeen' Tiger '712' offers what is surely the best and most detailed nut and bolt examination of one of the very first production Tigers. The large photo format is ideally suited to this forensic examination of the tank, which after a brief history of the tank and an interview with a driver from the unit which operated '712' moves on to an external walkaround.

Along with the extremely detailed photo coverage there are diagrams interspersed to enhance the technical explanations. Coverage now moves onto the engine bay and with the engine removed this offers unprecedented coverage of this completely original and unrestored area of the tank. The fighting compartment is next and with the turret basket removed once again we have more unique access to areas of the tank normally hidden and the coverage also delves into every stowage bin and transformer box.

The turret gets the same detailed examination, again complimented with helpful diagrams. The mighty Maybach HL 21 O having been extracted from the tank affords us the rare opportunity of examining the motor in its original condition, original paint and labels still in place. The book concludes with a look at the Vorpanzer bow armour concept and there is a chapter of technical diagrams on the structure and operation of the vehicle systems. The essential technical reference guide for the Tiger, packed with images and diagrams it sets the benchmark for the humble 'walkaround'. 


Armorama/KitMaker Network Sept/Oct 2016 - Adam Mann

Here is my rather lengthy report (20.38 minutes) on the Research Squad's book on Tiger 712. This book is a high quality pictorial survey of the state of that Tiger while she sat in England a few years ago. I highly recommend it.

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Panzerworld - Nov 2016 - Christian Ankerstjerne

"....This book isn't a simple walk-around, however; having had unrestricted access, The Research Squad has thoroughly documented every corner of this vehicle....Particularly helpful to modellers, this book is recommended for anyone who wish to have a detailed look inside a Tiger I. The combination of photographs and isometric drawings gives an intuitive understanding of the layout and workings that can be difficult to gain from two-dimensional drawings"

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War History Online - July 2016 - Mark Barnes

"...But there is no doubt in my mind that the work done by the authors is really impressive....It is a book for engineers because it lays bare the incredible complexity of this most iconic of tanks....They have carried out a forensic autopsy in the strongest detail. This book is the first volume of a set that will show every facet of the vehicle from track pin to cupola."

Full review here Link to Review