During the course of researching the vehicle and writing the book, items of interest came up which we were unable to include due to space constraints. We felt however that they were of enough interest to add them here. If you would like to add or contribute to our findings please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Investigation into the clutches located between the Fan Drive gearbox and Fan Drive

Spreadsheet charting the design and specification changes of the Maybach Engine from the 210 to the 230

An examination of the two different designs of road wheel found on 712.


Tigers had two underfloor bins. One for ammo and one for storage. Think they were identical?
Think again. 

Why do Tigers appear to have multiple Fahrgestell numbers in different places on the vehicle? This handy animation will explain.

An animated version of a rare Tiger E gearbox manual made with hand coloured acetate pages.


Showing the airflow in both fighting and engine compartments during normal and submerged operations. 

A simplified view of the water circuit, showing the changes in temperature at various locations

Very rare Tiger 1 breech block spares and tools kit


Corrections to errors found in our books