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Panther Project Vol.2 Engine and Turret - Now available

Available at AFVModeller 

The second volume in The Panther Project series detailing the incredible restoration being carried out on a Panther Ausf. A in the workshops of the Wheatcroft Collection. This volume comprises 208 pages, and covers the period 2009-2018, and concentrates on the restoration of the Turret and its contents, the Maybach 230 P30 engine, and various components of the cooling and fuel systems. It contains 500+ photographs and 12 A4 colour diagrams, including 45 pre-restoration images, and a wartime history.


Contents include:
A Further History, Pre-Restoration, Road Wheels, Fan Drives and Radio Frame, Maybach HL 230 P30, Cylinder Heads, Engine Components, Fuel Filter, Compressor, Hull Walkaround, Gearbox Access Plate, Aerial, Engine Compartment, Radiators, Fan, Boxes, Cooling System Header Tank, Fighting Compartment, First Aid Box, Demolition Charge, Crew Seats, Drivers Station, Radio Operators Station, Turret Basket Underside, Main Gun Travel Lock, Hull Crew Hatches, Fan Drive Compartment, Fuel Header Tank, Fighting Compartment, Hull Ammunition Storage, Turret Exterior, Turret Walkaround, Turret Roof, Turret Front, Gun Barrel and Muzzle Brake, Commanders Cupola, Commanders Periscope, Gunners Station, Main Gun, Lower Main Gun Breech, Spent Shell Basket, Loaders Station, Turret Basket, Gearbox Installation, Zimmerit, Technical Illustrations


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We are a group who share a common passion towards the preservation and restoration of historical items of interest. Our aim is to professionally document, research and publish studies on significant subjects in a variety of media, for the wider public to enjoy.

In addition to the books we publish, this site will contain large amounts of information in the way of galleries, drawings, diagrams and research projects for free use of wider communities.

To this end we are also currently working in close co-operation with The Wheatcroft Collection, a privately owned collection of some 200 plus major military and civilian items. Our intention is to publish a series of books on important items within the collection, whilst also working with the collection to raise its public profile via its website. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Kevin Wheatcroft and his staff for the time, access, and help given without which we could not have accomplished our work to date.